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Aerobics exercise will be useful for dementia patients ..!


 Aerobics exercise will be useful for dementia patients ..

Everyone knows the benefits of regular exercise. Whether it is to lose weight or gain weight, to stay away from diseases or to improve the mood, to increase the energy of the body or to get a good night's sleep, exercise helps you in all these things. But did you know that a patient with dementia and Alzheimer's can slow down their memory loss if they exercise regularly?

Doing aerobics will slow down the process of memory loss

According to a new research, regular exercise, especially aerobic exercise, can help slow down the process of memory loss in patients with Alzheimer's and dementia. The research was recently published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. The study included 96 elderly people. All of these had symptoms ranging from mild to moderate Alzheimer's dementia in the elderly.

There are benefits to doing aerobics regularly for 6 months

"Early results from the research indicate that the ability of patients with Alzheimer's dementia to naturally decrease or change their memory can be slowed down if the patient does continuous aerobic exercise for up to 6 months," the researcher said. The results of the research are encouraging and promote the clinical aptitude that aerobic exercise promotes in Alzheimer's and dementia patients to maintain their perceptual and thinking ability. '

Use aerobics as an additional therapy

Our research trial found that aerobic exercise does not have any side effects in adults with Alzheimer's and dementia because aerobics is a type of low profile exercise. So aerobic exercise can be used as an additional therapy for Alzheimer's and dementia patients.

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