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Find out why sour belching occurs immediately after a meal.


 Find out why sour belching occurs immediately after a meal.

Learn about the symptoms and treatment of acidity ...

Nowadays people are suffering from many diseases and problems. The biggest cause of these problems is a bad lifestyle. Problems with gas, indigestion, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) are also caused by poor eating and drinking, alcohol or cigarette consumption, and overeating. During this problem, people get chest irritation and sour belching.

Often when this problem becomes severe the eater comes out. The reason behind this is the valve between our esophagus and stomach. This valve prevents food and acid from returning to the food pipe. But when it weakens, the valve loses its capacity. Learn about the remedy for indigestion, gas and sour belching and its symptoms ...

Symptoms of gas, indigestion and sour belching:

Feeling of sour water in the mouth.

- People who have this problem tend to change the color of their teeth.

- Most people who cough while speaking and cough for a long time. This is also a symptom of these problems.

- Inflammation in the chest and frequent bitterness in the mouth is also one of the symptoms of these problems.

This problem is caused by:

-This valve between the food pipe and the stomach also tends to weaken due to a bad lifestyle.

- Being overweight also seems to cause this problem.

- If a person consumes excessive amounts of alcohol or smoking. They may also have this problem.

- This problem is also present in people whose neck is small.

- This problem can also occur during pregnancy.

- This symptom is found in people who eat spicy food.

- This type of problem can also occur in people whose job is to work while sitting.

How to avoid gas induction:

If you also have problems with gas indigestion and sour belching, you can try some remedies to avoid it. But if this problem persists for a long time, it is better to go to the doctor and take medicine. Learn how to get rid of this problem ...

- If you have this problem, you can fix it by making changes in your lifestyle. You exercise in it every day and stop consuming more spicy food.

- Being overweight can also cause these problems. This problem will go away on its own if you start losing weight.

- People who consume alcohol and smoke have to give up these bad habits to avoid this problem.

- You should eat your food in small portions to get relief from the problem of gas and indigestion. For example if you eat three times a day you start eating 6 times.

- You can also get relief from this problem by keeping a gap of 2 hours between dinner and sleep. Be careful not to drink water or milk until shortly before bedtime. Also, do not drink any type of drink for 30 or 60 minutes after a meal.

- Have a good breakfast, eat a little less at lunch and less at dinner.

- To get rid of the problem of gas and sour belching, you should sleep with your neck at a certain height at bedtime. For that your neck should be up to 15 degrees.

It is worth mentioning that this treatment will not work immediately. Because you are changing your lifestyle and eating habits, it may take some time to get rid of this problem. So be patient.

When do you go to the doctor

If you have a problem with sour belching for a long time and do not get any result even after making lifestyle changes, go to the doctor immediately. A doctor can help you to get rid of this problem.

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